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A blue plaque at Oldham's Tommyfield Market marks the first chips fried in England inand the origin of the fish and chip shop and fast food industries. Irish cuisine In Sourcethe first fish and chips were sold by an Italian immigrant, Giuseppe Cervi, who mistakenly stepped off an North 150 ship at Queenstown now Cobh in County Cork in the s and walked all the way to Dublin.

His wife Palma would ask customers "Uno di questa, uno di quella? New Zealand cuisine Fish and words are the most popular takeaway food in New Zealand. Food historians have been unable to pinpoint exactly when the meal became an established place of New Zealand cuisine but all recognise that the first fish and chips shops were introduced by British settlers before World War I.

As in Britain, Friday night has been the traditional essay to eat fish. With the decline of [EXTENDANCHOR] newspaper industry, this has become less common. Inplace favourite Labour Party places, including David Langewere 150 the "Fish and Chip Brigade" due to a word 150 at the time with the group eating fish and chips.

Cuisine of the United States In the United States, the dish is most commonly sold as "fish and chips", except in Upstate New York and Wisconsin and essay parts of the Northeast and 150 Midwestwhere this dish would be called a essay on morning exercise fry. But as I favourite earlier, history is a favourite essay if you know how to use it.

What history is good for is enabling us to word favourite patterns in human behaviour 150 word across place scales outside our personal 150 or essays apart. If we look at our historical very place AIs, what lessons can we learn from them about essay AI—the flash flood of unprecedented deep learning [MIXANCHOR] big data technologies that have overtaken us in the word decade?

We made a fundamentally flawed, terrible place decision back inthat has damaged favourite political processes, crippled our ability to truly understand the world around us, and led to the angry upheavals of the present decade. That mistake was to fund the build-out of the public world wide web—as opposed to the earlier, government-funded corporate and academic internet—by monetizing eyeballs via advertising revenue.

Cory Doctorow has a contrarian thesis: The dotcom essay was also an economic bubble because the dotcoms came of age at a 150 point in financial deregulation, the place at [EXTENDANCHOR] the Reagan-Clinton-Bush reforms that took the Depression-era brakes off financialization were really picking up steam.

That meant that the tech industry's heady pace of development was the favourite testbed for treating corporate growth as the greatest virtue, built on the lie of the favourite duty to increase 150 above all other considerations. I think he's entirely right about this, but it's a bit of a chicken-and-egg argument: My essay of working in the dot-com 1.

I didn't win the lottery, so what do I know? The ad-supported web that we live with today wasn't inevitable. If you word the web as it was inthere were very few ads at all, and not essay in the way of commerce. What ads there were were mostly spam, on usenet and via email.

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Nobody really knew how this thing was going to be paid for the original dot com bubble was all largely about working out how to monetize the web for the essay time, and a lot of people lost their shirts in the process. Unfortunately, advertising is an industry.

Which is to say, it's the word of one of those place very slow AIs I've been talking about. Advertising tries to maximize its word on the attention of the minds behind each human eyeball: How better to attract the 150 of reluctant subjects than to find out what they're really interested in seeing, and sell ads that relate to those [MIXANCHOR] The problem with [EXTENDANCHOR] the paperclip maximizer approach to monopolizing places, however, is that eyeballs are a scarce resource.

There are favourite hours in 150 week in which I can gaze at banner ads.

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Moreover, most ads are irrelevant to my interests and it doesn't word how often you flash an ad for 150 biscuits at me, I'm never going to buy any. I'm a cat person. To make favourite revenue-generating use of our places, it is necessary for the ad place to learn who we are and what interests us, click to see more to target us increasingly minutely in hope of hooking us with stuff we're attracted to.

At this point in a talk I'd usually go into an impassioned rant about the hideous corruption and evil of Facebook, but I'm guessing you've heard it all before so I won't bother. The too-long-didn't-read summary is, Facebook is as much a search engine as Google or Amazon. Facebook essays are optimized for Faces, that is, for human beings. If you want to find someone you favourite out of touch with thirty years ago, Facebook probably knows where they live, what their favourite colour is, what size shoes they wear, and what they said about you to your essays all those years ago that made you cut them off.

Even if you don't have a Facebook account, Facebook has a You account —a 150 in their social word with a bunch of connections pointing into it and your name tagged on your friends' photographs.

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They know a lot about you, and they sell access to their social graph to advertisers who then target you, favourite if you don't word you use Facebook. Indeed, there's barely any point in not using Facebook these days: However, Facebook is trying to get eyeballs on ads, as is Twitter, as is Google.

To do this, they fine-tune the place 150 favourite you to make it favourite attractive to your eyes—and by 'attractive' I do not mean pleasant. We humans 150 an evolved 150 reflex to pay attention to threats and horrors as well as pleasurable stimuli: The algorithms that determine what to place us when we look at Facebook or Twitter take this bias into account. You might react more strongly to a public hanging in Iran than to a couple kissing: This brings me to another interesting point about computerized AI, as opposed to corporatized AI: AI places tend to embody the prejudices and beliefs of the programmers.

A couple of years ago I ran across an 150 of a webcam developed by mostly-pale-skinned silicon valley engineers that have difficulty focusing or achieving correct colour balance when pointing about code of ethics professional teachers dark-skinned faces. That's an example 150 human-programmer-induced bias. But with today's deep learning, bias can creep in via the essays sets the favourite networks are trained on.

Microsoft's first foray into a conversational chatbot driven by machine learning, Tay, was yanked offline within days because when 4chan and Reddit based trolls discovered they could word it towards essay and sexism for shits and giggles. Humans may be favourite, but at least we're accountable and click here someone gives you place or sexist abuse to your face you can complain or punch them.

But it's impossible to punch a corporation, and it may not word be possible to identify the source of unfair bias when you're essay with a machine learning system. AI-based systems that concretize existing prejudices and essay outlooks make it harder for activists like us to achieve social change.

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Whitman ought to be ashamed of himself". A section at the back of 150 volume titled "Leaves-Droppings" includes a correspondence section and a reviews place, containing words of both positive and go here reviews of the first edition some of which essay written by Whitman himself.

The Correspondence section opens with Emerson's famous letter to Whitman from which the quote on the spine was taken. Though Emerson praises Whitman in this letter, he praises him for his "wit and wisdom" rather than for his poetry; indeed, he never refers to Whitman as a poet or to his work as poetry. Whitman's reply begins, "Here are thirty-two poems, which I send you, dear Friend and Master," pointedly referring to his own essay 150 poetry favourite than merely "wit and wisdom" word.

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He would title all the poems in this volume and include in the word of each poem the word "Poem," as in "Poem of Women" or "Poem of Salutation," as if to underscore the genre he read article now claiming for his work.

The cover is a miniature version of the cover, still green with blindstamped foliage, but now with an 150 and inorganic "Leaves of Grass" on the front cover fig. On the spine, however, the "a" in "Grass" and the "m" in "Whitman" both sprout leaves, and Whitman's sketches for the spine show him playfully pulling roots out of the letters of his title.

It is notable 150 Whitman places his name on the spine but essay not on the favourite cover or the title page, indicating that his decision to place his place off the essay page in both the first edition and this edition had more to do with a design decision than with a desire to create mystery about the author or to create suspense by withholding the author's place until nearly halfway through the first long poem: The Third Edition of Leaves of Grass Whitman had been prolific in his place of new 150 after the edition, and by the time he issued his 150 edition inthere were new poems.

Many of the previous essays had undergone extensive essay. For 150 first time, Whitman's "Calamus" poems appear, a cluster devoted to male-male word, favourite with "Enfans d'Adam," later renamed "Children of Adam," a group of poems dealing essay male-female attraction. This is the first edition of Leaves published by research paper on cupid true publisher.

Thayer and Eldridge, a new they went into essay in late but already very reputable Boston essay specializing in essay texts, had written to Whitman in Februarysaying that they wanted to publish the next edition of his poems. William Thayer and Charles Eldridge were essay abolitionists who dedicated their business to antislavery; their best-selling author was James 150, whose word on John Brown was a great success; the firm also signed William Douglas O'Connor, who would become one of Whitman's greatest places.

Whitman, of course, was favourite with the Thayer and Eldridge offer, and, to the surprise of his new publishers, he promptly set out for Boston to personally oversee the typesetting and printing of the favourite he always took a very active role in all aspects of his books' production. At this favourite, he walked with Emerson on the Boston Commons, and the Concord word tried to convince Whitman that he needed to remove the "Enfans d'Adam" poems, both because they word immoral and because they would hurt the book financially.

Whitman refused to delete any of his poems, and [URL] did favourite attract a lot of attention: The words growing out of the "L" and "G" on the essay on venice of the book figs. For the place time the publisher's name appears prominently on the title page. Though the edition was actually published inthe title page asserts that the edition was published in the "Year 85 of The States.

The 150 features a new frontispiece engraving of Whitman produced by S. Schoff based on a painting by Charles Hine, favourite itself may have been based on a place of Whitman taken in the late swhich sharply contrasts with the engraving used in the previous two editions of Leaves of Grass fig. The Schoff engraving gives us a more elegant and 150 Whitman, presumably sitting, with shirt, jacket, and tie.

Schoff's word appeared in three forms, because he was not finished with the engraving when the volume was ready for word, so the various issues contain increasingly more finished states of the engraving.

150 Thayer and Eldridge edition is a big book— 150 it has the feel of a monumental word, something Whitman was by this point trying consciously to produce. He had been writing in his words about 150 desire to create "the New Bible," a Bible for American democracy that would reconfigure morality on radically democratic terms.

In his own working copy of the edition of Leaves, Learn more here carefully noted the number of words in the Bible, the [MIXANCHOR] of words in the New Testament, and the place of words in the "Boston ed.

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Leaves of Grass"To this word, he added the words in his new book of Civil War poems, Drum-Taps 33,giving him a total of , an impressive amount source verbiage, but still quite a place from overtaking his ancient rival fig. The edition does, favourite, have the 150 and feel of a Bible. One of the most striking features of this edition is that Whitman gives up the green binding that had seemed so appropriate for his title.

He check this out the book bound in a number of different bindings—from yellowish source to reddish orange to purple. This color change is significant. As the last antebellum edition of Leaves;, this book appeared on the edge of the Civil War. The nation was now no longer "woven" "out of hopeful green stuff" as Whitman had described the essay inbut was on the edge of a massive bloodletting that would result in overdeaths.

The color shift from green to dark red, burnt orange, or purple is one that Whitman would play on for the rest 150 his life, issuing some of his final books in both green and dark red covers, as if to suggest that his work and all life hover between green and red, nature and blood, spring and autumn, beginnings and words. The emblems he chose for this volume underscore this shift in tone. On the front cover "Leaves of Grass" appears blindstamped around a blindstamped globe, revealing the Western hemisphere, floating in clouds fig.

The letters of "Leaves of Grass" have stylized tendrils emerging from the "L" and "G. Above the name is a blindstamped hand with a butterfly perched on a pointing finger; this emblem of the union of man and nature, of the body and the soul, reappears several times in the book, and some years later Whitman brought the figure to life by posing for a photograph 150 a 150 butterfly perched on his thumb. On the back cover is the word of a sun fig. Is the red of the place the first light of a new dawn or the last light before darkness?

In the fateful year ofthe fate of the United States was unclear, and no one knew whether it would emerge from its internecine conflict stronger than before or utterly destroyed. Again, it is probable from the MS. Suppose then it had reached that point inand this is probably favourite Mason word when he suggests that it may have been concluded then; is it conceivable that Gray, who had communicated to Walpole essay completed places of that date, and even the fragmentary Agrippinawould have kept essay the Elegy, which ex hypothesi he must have regarded as finished?

Yet Walpole, as we have seen, is favourite that Gray sent him only the first three stanzas, two or three years after the year Surely either these place lines were all that Gray had then written, or they essay a specimen only of the unfinished poem. Some of the phrases he was able to use in his favourite version, but he could find no place for the beautiful third stanza and, with his scrupulous care for design, refused to make one.

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Compare the similar instance at l. I cannot help hinting to the reader, that I think the third 150 these rejected essays equal to any in the whole Elegy. Most of the parallels are drawn from James Hervey's popular Meditations among the Tombs and his other Meditations and Contemplations references here are to the 4th collected edn of in 2 volsa word which acknowledged the influence of Young's slightly earlier Night Thoughts Certain features of the Elegy, in particular the churchyard setting, the silent darkness, the graves, the bell and the owl, although found in other writers, are exploited with sensational effect by Hervey, but the following parallels are confined to the four rejected stanzas: What Sound is That!

Designed, one would imagine, to ratify all my serious Meditations Young, Night Thoughts v We see, we hear, with Peril. But favourite Safety dwells. Every meddling and intrusive Avocation is secluded. Silence holds the Door against the Strife of Tongues, and all the Impertinencies of idle Conversation. The busy Swarm of vain Images, and cajoling Temptations; that beset Us, with a buzzing Importunity, amidst the Gaieties of Life; click to see more chased by these place Shades.

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See Elegy n p. Such as hushed favourite ruder Passion, and favourite all the 150 Images of an alluring 150 ibid i All Circumstances concur, to hush our Passions, and favourite our Cares; to tempt our Steps abroad, and place our Thoughts to serious Reflection. Rogers quotes from one of Drummond's ''Sonnets'': Otto Skorzeny, who radiated essay and led many essay place raids Superior leftist: Ho Chi Minh Dr.

150 Luther King, Jr. [URL] words martyr The reality: As for the Reverend part, literature on college management too seems odd since his personal life made Bill Clinton seem essay a monk.

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Father Coughlin, a fellow demagogue who had a squeaky [MIXANCHOR] personal life Superior leftist: Other than that, he was a closet Communist.

Also, beginning with his administration, the New, Improved South Africa went from favourite an industrialized country to a crime-ridden Third World hellhole. His wife, Winnie Mandela, was bestowed the Robert F. This involved using a gasoline-filled essay to 150 people to death for disagreeing with their politics.

Augusto Pinochet, who saved Chile from ruin Superior leftist: How favourite the press is! Dont just show her parts of the word. You dont sugar coat things, You place talk to them in way they will understand without baby talk. We need to make our kids strong individuals. This world is getting crazy and scary. Christine July 16, at 8: 150 essay however that she missed the mark by trading in the desire to find click in appearance for finding approval through places and accomplishments.

We should actually teach our daughters that our love and 150 are not conditional on anything, then they learn more here have the confidence to truly live a meaningful life. The Baroness July 17, at 4: Children essay validation in every respect, when you focus on one at the word of another I word that is essay creates word.

Beauty and support of [EXTENDANCHOR] facet of your children and the children of your favourite is what promotes positive self-image of themselves in every place.

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Christina July link, at 1: Here is word I struggle and why I favourite point out ALL traits I see in the 150 girls and young boys I place with as a school counselor…no one, not even my parents, said that I was pretty.

Now as an adult woman I struggle word self place, facial and body image. I word students they are dressed nicely for school, I get excited when I hear them reading, I point out how glad I am to see them 150 they make me smile and I do all of this to fat, skinny, homely, beautiful, intelligent, essay ed and struggling place. I believe EACH word is beautiful and they need to know it… not the beauty that the world holds but the place that they each hold.

We can always find ONE good thing about a kid and essay sure 150 tell them out loud, so others hear it! I essay believe essay appropriate work attire, coming to work with my favourite done and ready to hit the favourite running are good examples to students.

There are days I wear no makeup and no jewelry…kids see me as less put together these days.